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Congratulations on your marriage! Here are some ways to happily announce your marriage around India:

Traditional Methods:

  • Printed Wedding Cards: This is a classic and widely used method. You can design beautiful cards with a wedding invitation (if you’re having a reception) or just an announcement. Consider including a small picture of the two of you and details like your wedding date and names. Mail them to friends, family, and relatives across India.
  • Newspaper Announcement: While less common these days, placing an announcement in a local newspaper in your hometown or a national newspaper can reach a wider audience, especially for extended family or those who might not be as tech-savvy.

Modern Methods:

  • Social Media: Share the good news on Facebook, Instagram, or a wedding-specific website. You can create a beautiful post with a wedding photo, a heartfelt message announcing your union, and hashtags like #JustMarried #MrAndMrs.
  • E-Cards: These are a more eco-friendly alternative to printed cards. You can find many beautiful e-card designs online and send them via email or messaging apps.

Adding a Touch of India:

  • Wording: Consider incorporating a touch of Hindi or your regional language in your message. A simple “Humari shaadi ho gayi!” (We’re married!) in Hindi can add a personal touch.
  • Wedding Photo: If you had a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, use a photo in your announcement that captures the beauty of the attire or rituals.
  • Sweets: In some parts of India, it’s customary to distribute sweets to announce a wedding. You can share a picture of yourselves distributing sweets or mention it in your message.

Remember to tailor your announcement to your preferences and target audience. Congratulations again and best wishes for a happy married life!