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India Special News Reports Available

There are plenty of special news reports available on India, depending on what specific topics you’re interested in. Here are a few resources to get you started:

News Websites:

  • India Today: Their “Special Report” section features in-depth investigations and analyses on various issues,including the environment, politics, and social issues. Some recent reports include:
    • Himalayan roads: The new danger zones – Examining the impact of landslides on infrastructure development in the Himalayas.
    • Gujarat’s cattle conundrum: No country for old bulls – Exploring the challenges of managing stray cattle in a rapidly urbanizing Gujarat.
  • The Indian Express: Their website offers a comprehensive range of news coverage, including special reports on various topics. They currently have a series on “India’s Road to 2024” exploring various aspects of the upcoming general elections.
  • The Times of India: Their website also features a dedicated “Special Reports” section with in-depth coverage of major issues. Some recent reports include:
    • The rise of electric vehicles in India: Examining the challenges and opportunities of India’s transition to electric mobility.
    • The changing face of agriculture in India: Exploring the impact of technology and changing markets on Indian agriculture.

Broadcasting Channels:

  • BBC News: Their website and YouTube channel offer special reports on India, covering topics like politics,economy, and social issues.
  • Al Jazeera: Their website and YouTube channel also feature special reports on India, often focusing on human rights and social justice issues.

Other Resources:

  • The Wire: An independent news website known for its in-depth reporting and investigative journalism. They often publish special reports on various topics related to India.
  • The Caravan: A monthly magazine that publishes in-depth articles and essays on a wide range of topics, including special reports on India.

Tips for finding specific reports:

  • Consider what specific topics you’re interested in and search for reports based on those keywords.
  • Use the search function on the websites or channels mentioned above.
  • Follow journalists or news organizations that focus on India on social media.
  • Look for compilations of special reports on specific topics, such as “Best Special Reports on India in 2023.”

Remember, these are just a few suggestions, and there are many other resources available for finding special news reports on India. I hope this helps!

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if you’d like me to help you find reports on a specific topic.